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Propane tanks used to be integrated in the buy of a gas grill. Not any longer.

As a result, propane tanks have gone high-tech, and you may want to pay interest when shopping for a new cylinder.

One of the new tanks on the marketplace now actually lets you see the level of gas left in it. The Lite Cylinder is produced from a translucent composite material that tends to make it simple to see how much liquid propane (LP) is remaining in the tank--which indicates there is no longer an excuse for operating out of gas whilst hungry diners wait in frustration for dinner to finish cooking.

Another large difference is that the 20-pound LP cylinder weighs about 30 percent much less than a standard steel cylinder.

The casing about the tank is produced from molded plastic, which also contributes to the decreased weight. With numerous more females barbecuing today and millions of aging baby boomers still barbecuing, this lighter cylinder is sure to be common. The casing is provided in a quantity of colors, lending a designer touch to each and every backyard. The cylinder is readily available presently in beechwood, red, blue and yellow. Unlike steel, it is corrosion-and rust-free. It is also low maintenance because the exterior can be cleaned readily with soap and water. consumers

In January 2006, Good Housekeeping recognized The Lite Cylinder with a single of eight of its 11th Annual Excellent Acquire Awards provided to new household items that resolve common issues and are excellent values. It noted that this composite cylinder is easy to fill, straightforward to attach to a grill and simple to deal with due to its light weight. A Good Housekeeping editor who demonstrated some of the winning goods subsequently featured it on "Excellent Morning America."

Now when it really is time to select a propane cylinder for the new grill -or even a patio heater or mosquito trap-you have more possibilities than ever prior to.